With Dityspray, it’s the user who assembles and pressurizes his “aerosol”. This means the product is not constantly under pressure and gas-free, making it easier to transport, store, use and dispose of.

Ditybox, the box at the heart of the system

Ditybag, the bulk to dispense

Dityspray pressure equipment: choose the right accessory for your environment


The inflation pistol connected directly to the compressed air network of garages and workshops


A nomad compressor to equip the sales force
where access to compressed air systems is limited.


Adapt the solution to the product it contains, Dityspray
allows you to choose any nozzle to suit the viscosity or others type of application.

New! Ditybase +

The Ditybase + allows you to equip workstations and use a compressed air network to recharge the box. The pressure gauge allows you to check the injected pressure.

A solution that respects its user...

Safe and harmless

Compressed air avoids the use of potentially harmful gases. Thanks to the nut, the case cannot blow up: excess air is evacuated.


By using compressed air, Dityspray reduces the risks associated with the use of flammable propellants.

...and its environment.

Less transport and storage

50% less storage than aerosols. So fewer transport-related emissions.

Less waste

An empty Ditybag takes up 25% less space than an empty aerosol can. The can can be reused 5000 times.


The air used to pressurize your products is borrowed, used and returned to the environment in the same condition and volume.

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