Dityspray, spray packaging system

I am the result of the fruitful collaboration between two French companies, one directed by Thibault de Maillard from Charente, and the other by Laurent Stipal from Périgourd.

Surrounded by the best experts, Apragaz for the approval, HP system for testing, IMEPSA for plastic injection, ACS for the complexes and many others in R&D, they have enabled my development through their synergy and enthusiasm.

Several patents have emerged from this collaborative work and been filed in France, in Europe and internationally.

I am an innovative, unique and protected system.

My vocation ?

To offer a novel spray packaging that protects human health, safety and the environment and which responds to economic needs.

I am an alternative to conventional aerosols and cartridges and constitute a new packaging solution.

My features make me an innovative solution, ideal for thick fats, oils and products with various consistencies, from the most fluid to the most viscous.

Dityspray, why ? Because we care !

I am concerned for the health and safety of users. The butane or propane gas that is used in the majority of conventional aerosol has been replaced by compressing the air we breathe; this is much healthier for users and safer for storage and transport!

I am concerned about the environment. My housing is not thrown away, it is reused. This has a positive impact on conservation of the planet’s resources! My packaging in a pouch dramatically reduces the volume of waste, this has a positive impact on the cost of waste management. My packaging in a pouch significantly reduces my footprint, this impacts very favourably on the cost of my transport and storage.

I am economic because my housing is reusable. By the end of a given period of use, the initial cost of the housing will be recovered. With my associated lower transport, management and waste storage costs, I am an economic system.

I am a novel packaging solution. The active product is packaged as is, in a waterproof pouch. The products properties are intact, not diluted. This enhances the properties of the product and increases its effectiveness.

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