The elements of which i am composed.

Ditybox : Approved transparent PPA housing that is shock-and wear-resistant, and reusable.

Ditybox is the receptacle for Ditybags. Ditybox has a valve at its base for compressed air supply. The product is propelled by the compressed air pressure on the Ditybag. A screw-tightening ring is used to seal the system.

Ditybag : A two or three layer laminated bag, transparent or aluminium depending on the characteristics of the product.

Ditybag can hold concentrated pure products containing no propellant gas or solvents, for a diverse range of active substances and pH values. The valve fitted to the Ditybag can have any specification. In the diver rod option, Ditybag accommodates highly viscous products (equivalent to grade 3 grease).

Ditybase : An accommodating base permanently connected to the workshop compressed air supply, to pressurise the Ditybox (max 8 bars) in less than 2 seconds.

Ditypump : An autonomous device for supplying Ditybox with compressed air.

With Ditypump, pressurisation is possible whatever the working medium, on an external or roving worksite.

Ditybase : A whole range of machines linked to the Dityspray system.

Test machine or semi-automatic packaging machine for small runs, which can exist in automatic version for large or medium sized runs and integrating all the Ditybag manufacturing stages.




 Installing the consumable in the housing


Supplying compressed air to the housing and spraying the product


Reloading with a new consumable
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